Job Openings

03-Jul-2017: Vista India

Vista India is a digital distribution and supply chain company. We have partnered with international media companies like Netflix, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, among others. Please visit our website to know more about us.

We are looking at adding few members in our team. Please find below the job description and profile:

1. Manager - Content Acquisition and Licensing:

We are looking for a young, talented and hardworking professional who will be responsible for managing the Content Acquisition and Market Research data from start to finish, overseeing both content sent by clients as well as those regularly updated by multiple digital platforms. The candidate will also have to co-ordinate with clients and in house teams to ensure smooth functioning of assets & delivery. We would also like him/her to regularly watch Films, TV shows, Documentaries etc. sent by the clients and provide swift feedback, whilst maintaining thorough records.

Job Roles -

- Watch & Review Content (Films, TV shows, Documentaries etc.).

- Maintain a track report of all the Content on digital platforms.

- Co-ordinate/follow up with Clients and in-house teams.

- Assist on scheduling market meetings.

Requirements -

- Good communication skills.

- Loves watching Films and has an in-depth knowledge about cinema appreciation.

- Good knowledge about shows on digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.

- Good multi tasking and co-ordination skills.

- Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

- Excellent time management skills.

- Interested in learning the business of content distribution.


2. Writer / Translators:

The candidate would be subtitling Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries in English and any other language known to him/her..

The job would involve QC of existing subtitles to ensure they meet international standards.

Required skill sets:

- Excellent in English speaking, writing and grammar

- Any experience in Subtitling would be useful

- Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word

- Excellent communication skills

- Knowledge of any additional language, Indian / Foreign, would be useful

email cv to info@vistaindia.