To all our Alumni

Dear Alumni,

Greetings from the Xavier Institute of Communications!

Hope you and your family are safe and taking all precautions to protect from the Coronavirus variants.

This Pandemic has hit hard on XIC family as we pay our tribute to the deceased members of XIC
Former Director, Fr. Anthony Fernandes, SJ
Former Dean, faculty & Head of Journalism Dept., Jane Swamy
Ex-Advertising & Marketing Course Head, Arvind Vinayak
Ex-Faculty Member, Wendy Chaves
Alumni, Maryann Lobo D’mello (JR 1984), Joan Shenoy (PR 1981-82), Mohan Vijayan (PR 1991), Maryann Lobo D’Mello (JR 1994), Fr. Pravin Fernandes (PR 1999), Pooja Ahuja (PR 1999), Dinesh J. Parekh (FT 1977)
Ex-administrator, Conrad Fernandes
Guest lecturer and famous ad man personality, Gerson da Cunha
Guest lecturer, Fr. Anton Weerasinghe, SJ a Sri Lankan Jesuit who was closely associated with XIC, Film, Television dept. in 1974-77
Current young staff member, Shrirang Shinde and Current Journalism Faculty, Shashi Baliga
May the Divine light shine on the souls of the above and may them rest-in-peace.

We are happy to inform you from Academic year 2018-19, XIC became a curricula unit of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. All our Diplomas and short term Certificate Courses are issued under the name of St. Xavier’s College since then.

Another great news is that XIC has collaborated with Don Bosco International Media Academy (DBIMA) Paris. It offers Master of Arts in Cinema and Audiovisual Course of 10 month duration (i.e.October - July) on completion of XIC Diploma Programme in Film, Television and Digital Video Production.

Many of our alumni are well placed in Media Corporates. XIC would be grateful if you can help us with Campus Placements for our young Professionals either as interns or Media Professionals.
Our placements commences between March to April every year.

We would appreciate if any of you would like to sponsor Best Student Awards, Best Student film, Best Group Student film in respective courses. The Certificate will bear your name or even if you would like to sponsor in memory of your loved ones, you are welcome. You will have a special place in our Convocation Programme.

We want our alumni to stay interested and connected to the alma mater. If you haven’t done so, you can start by registering on You can update your professional and personal details. Also your recent achievements or awards won.

Your advice on Media curriculum and teaching resources are welcome.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Keep in touch !

Alumni Relations
Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai
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