To all our Alumni

Dear Alumni,

Greetings from Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai.

Our primary objective is to promote the potential of Media as a tool for integral development and thus advance the Mission of XIC. We need to build a strong relationship between its alumni, current students, faculty and the Institute.

XIC’s Golden Jubilee year 2019-20 will soon come to an end. Join us in our events. Show us how proud you are of XIC!

Let's celebrate creativity, courage, openness, integrity for the Media world through XIC. This academic year’s theme is "Building values while immersed in Digital Media"

We want our alumni to stay interested and connected to the alma mater. If you haven't done so, you can start by registering on You can update your professional and personal details. Also recent achievements or awards won.

Many of our alumni are well placed in Media Corporates. XIC would be grateful if you can help us with Campus Placements for our young Professionals either as interns or Media Professionals. Your advice on Media curriculum and teaching resources are welcome.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Keep in touch !

Alumni Relations
Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai
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