Job Openings

22-Feb-2024: Mesh Entertainment

17-Feb-2024: Pippip Media

Pippip Media

Executive Assistants - 
Someone who has a design sensibility and can make client decks, is meticulous and can note down minutes for production meetings, organise and prepare for meetings. If the person is interested in production and media, there is a lot of scope to float and own, from re-writing scripts, to working with archival footage and various other tasks. 

Assistant Producers - 
Someone who can manage day-to-day aspects of creative production operations by liaising with key cast and crew, implementing schedule and script changes under guidance, and ensuring smooth transition from production to post-production.

Pippip Media's office is in Khar and it will be a full-time role for a minimum of 5 months.

Interested? Please apply to:

24-Jan-2024: Lodha Ventures Foundation

Lodha Ventures Foundation are currently in search of a photographer among  alumni of Xavier's Institute of Communications who would be interested in undertaking a short freelancing project for photography.

The project offers a modest stipend for the selected candidates. If someone from Xavier's Institute of Communication is open to this opportunity, we would be delighted to connect.

Interested individuals can reach out to me directly at +91 7304104829. or mail on:


02-Jan-2024: Elixie Equity

Elixir Equity is looking for a Content Writer for their You Tube channel 'Paisa Smart'.
JD in link

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